Jessica Brushaber shares her experience with the Bishop Pilla Summer Institute of 2013!

Jessie's PictureTravelling to Italy and Spain with the Bishop Pilla Summer Institute 2013 made for an absolutely phenomenal summer!

Within the five weeks we were there, we saw so many cities and so many remarkable sights! The time we spent in L’Aquila was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We would step outside our cottages to a postcard-ready view of beautiful snow-capped mountains. Not to mention the food! Every night in L’Aquila, we would have multiple course dinners of authentic Italian food!

We then arrived in Rome, our cozy apartments were just a five minute walk from the Vatican. Being in a place so filled with history, incredible artwork and fascinating culture was an unforgettable experience. I hope and plan to go back soon! Also, previous to this trip, I had never left the States before, so having two native Italian speakers who knew their way around was invaluable especially when we got to bigger cities like Madrid and Florence. Dr. Casciani and Dr. Ferri were ready to help us with everything from directions to bits of history to restaurant recommendations. I am extraordinarily grateful to them and to the program!


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